About Us

Let’s Share is an online community that promotes low-carbon lifestyle and green economy. We hope to gain common good through sharing of green information, educational activities, holistic healing, and connecting people who seek harmony between life and ecology. With this platform, you can make your life more meaningful with personal development event and products and bring positive impacts to the people around you.


Our Story

As we become increasingly busy with work and life, we enjoy simpler living and seek to connect with nature to find balance in our Mind and Body. However the rapid development in our society has neglected the environment and caused severe destruction to nature without realising it.

Therefore, we believe that while pursuing personal balance, we should also find a balance between life and ecology. We firmly believe that every small step taken by individuals is much more effective than professionals taking big steps.

Starting with our own professions, we build a digital green platforms, gather like-minded people to share and exchange ideas, promote sustainable lifestyle, and make this world a better place.


Our Objectives

Pursuing of sustainable lifestyles requires a significant amount of education and changing daily behaviour and consumption patterns. Therefore, we believe that "sharing" is the most important core of a green community. We hope that the community can create solutions for reducing carbon emissions through "Share" and "Rewards"

Public Awareness Improvement

Information sharing on green product and services improved public awareness about the importance of healthy lifestyle via low-carbon living

Community Development

Connect a group of members and green partners who love life and ecology, to jointly build a green consumer community by sharing, exchanging, and experiencing green products and services.

Improved Interaction Between Online and Physical Businesses

Building a strong and interactive connection between online store and physical shop to boost better consumer experiences.

Product Experience Sharing

Sharing the information and experience of the products or services provided by green partners to public for better exposure and publicity


How It Works


Explore the wonderful information posted by Green Partners on lets.share mobile app.

Share & Earn

Share the posts (green information) via social media as many as possible to your circle of friends to earn green points. Let's believe, sharing is an expression of caring for friends


Redeem your green points from Let's Share rewards catalogue which are sponsored by Green Partners


Be part of the Let’s Share Green Community

Green Partners

Join Let's Share's Green Partner to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Work together to promote and develop a sustainable community which can bring harmony of life and ecology
  • Increase the exposure of products and services through the power of sharing
  • Promote and enable members to own and experience the quality of your products/services
  • Bringing the potential consumer from online channel to offline stores for more product/service exposure
  • Join us if your business nature is categorized under

    • Green or Zero Waste Product
    • Healthy Food & Beverage
    • Natural or Organic Product
    • Creative Cultural & Artisan
    • Philosophy, Art and Aesthetics
    • Conservation Field
    • Life Education & Discovery Learning
    • Holistic Healing
    • Personal Development
    • Nature Farm & Resort
    • Culture Art & History
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Join us as member to enjoy the benefits

  • Work together to promote and develop a sustainable community which can bring harmony of life and ecology
  • To support and encourage eco-green, health and wellness environment
  • Through power of sharing, to advocate friends and relatives about the importance of green consumption
  • Be able to make a conscious choice about sustainable consumption patterns, namely - reduce, reuse, repair and recycle
  • Earn "Green Points" by sharing and participating, which is simple and does not require to commit any purchase
  • You can direct experience Green Partner's product and service by paying less in exchange of green points via redemptions.
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  • We Care on environment
  • We Act by sharing loves and cares
  • We Are Responsible saving the earth
  • We Improves everyone's healthy lifestyle
  • We Say NO to pollutions
  • We Gain the joy on healthy lifestyle


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